last update: v0.1.0

A casual puzzle game. (Our first real game)

Eli and her mother didn't have much but they were happy. They live on a tiny farm in a remote place. one day, very Suddenly and mysteriously Eli's mother got sick. As the days past her sickness got worst. At the same time, an evil Rot appeared and started to slowly eat the plants on their farm. Eli can't do anything about her mom's sickness but she WILL defeat the Evil Rot...

We are hoping to finish the game in 2 months, maybe with 100 levels(currently has 8 levels). Also, Negin is drawing some nice comic book style pages to tell the story.

We really appreciate your feedback and support.

Please Rate our game or Comment, it would help us greatly. thank you.

Gamedesign, LevelDesign, Code: Mehrdad shahiri (

ArtWork: Negin Jahani

Music/Sounds: Alex Kirrage

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its good but I think having a little more explanation on how to play would be good

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thanks, yeah i have changed the way player learns new things in the new version, will upload in a week or two


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Hey guys. A major update is coming up in a week



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Very interesting idea for a puzzle game. Looking forward to more puzzles, more levels, and more rots!
Occasionally when a level is running and you back out the rot will linger on screen for a bit, almost like it finishes growing on its hex before checking if it needs to clear.
Also when going to and from most levels, but 8 especially, the level select will appear small before jumping around the screen and flickering back to normal size. 8 seems to be the level with the largest grid with the smallest hexes so maybe your scaling is being affected by that?
On a smaller note the hint buttons on level 0 and 4 blocking the back buttons, which makes it harder to exit them.

thank you, yes i have noticed that error, very annoying, i have fixed most of those problems and will upload a new version in a week or 2. i appreaciate you playing my game.


Good idea! It is pretty challenging if I want to max it out.

yeah, thanks


good one


Nice game! It has a really cool concept for a puzzle game and LOTS of potential. I think seeing the hexagon thingies "grow" is just satisfying. Good job!


thanks man, :)

Fun little game so far! I managed to beat all the levels so far with 3 plants, and I think it has a lot of potential.

Cool idea for a puzzle game. It wasn't too easy nor too hard to pass the 8 first levels. Is it possible to get 3 stars/plants on every level? 

thanks man, yeah, it is possible to get 3 plants on all levles, i think in the current version level 8 has a bug, but im fixing it and will update in a week or two with a bunch of more levels and stuff

What an intuitive and interesting concept. I found it was really satisfying to clear a level, although I didn't manage to get 3 "plants" on every one!

I like the gameplay idea and I think it has potential as it combines both puzzles and timing.

Keep up the good work and continue working on it! Cheers!!!

thanks man, means a lot. :)

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It's really cool game, I finished it at one spat, it was awesome. But I found some kinda bug: when u r getting only one plant it's telling u that u have two. Keep going)

thanks for playing man, awesome. which level was that bug?

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I think all, but I checked 8th is not working. I used web version

i think i have already fixed all those level in the vestion im working on right now, i probably upload a new major update in a week or two, you can follow me to get noticed


Oki, nice)

The puzzles and the whole concept of the game are amazing!
I have no idea how you could finish some of the levels with all 3 plants intact :D

Some popping sound would be great too. (not sure if I couldn't hear anything or there's no sound yet)

Great job overall.


thanks man, we are working on sounds, be sure that every level can be solved with 3 green saved. :) im imporoving it everyday,  will upload the new version in a week or two


Cool game, like the concept and the game idea. Great puzzle game!


I like the idea. It's really simple, but fun to  play. Even if your role is limited to just one or two mouse clicks at the  right moments.

I totally understand, that the game itself is still in dev and early versions, but sound effects will do a lot there and also you can think of randomly- generated levels, because I think, that it might provide a lot of replayability to your game.

thank you man, random generated could be good but i think its not possibe, but i will think about it. our new team mate alex is working on amazing sounds right now


Interesting concept. A bit hard at the beginning. Keep doing!

thanks man

thanks man, will do.


Love the art, original concept.

By the way, thanks for posting (First place) on my shmup game.

thanks, can you rate my game aswell?

Actually, I tried a level (The first one) that I passed with success but I din't get the rest quite well.

So I'm not sure if I should rate it since I din't played it through completely...

Well, lets give it a good 8 out of 10 for the original approach.

Take care!


Very Interesting concept

thanks man


I love the idea. It can be a really cool mini game for some bigger game or you can add a story to this one and make many levels.

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thanks, yeah i am gonna add the story and alot more levels, maybe 100


That sounds really amazing.


This is genuinely a really cool idea! :) I played for quite a while haha!

If you're looking for any sound design /  Music then perhaps i can help! Drop me a message :)

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thanks man. i dont know how to private massage you here, can you email me? 

or even better discord me: mehrdadsh#4140

and maybe send me some of you work .



Sure! Send a discord request!